Our Hotel

Fibar Hotel Zincirlihan

In the Heart of History..

This inn, which has hosted people from many different civilizations since 1708, is ready to witness a magical history for you.

It draws you in with the memories of many footprints built by Nasuh Pasha from past to present. Resting in the warm atmosphere of history with the magnificent blend of wooden and stone rooms will take you away from the city in the middle of the city and drag you to peace.

As Herodotus said, our beautiful Aydın, which has hosted countless civilizations on the most beautiful earth under the sky, flowing with oil from its mountains and honey from its plain; In the heart of the city, we look forward to welcoming you to Fibar Hotel Zincirlihan in Aydın city hotels, which we consider as our guests, not customers, by setting off with a comfortable, peaceful and quality service approach.

At the same time, a rich feast of taste awaits you in the restaurant of our hotel, opening to Turkish cuisine, especially the local dishes of Aydın. We are waiting for you at Fibar Hotel Zincirlihana with our superior service understanding so that you can enjoy the peace and quality…